BEING THERE portraits four people from different cultures giving care to dying people. By confronting their own mortality, they present ways how to show up for dying individuals in the last period of life, and how this connects to their own life again and again, reflecting on their relation to death and dying. The protagonists (Ron Hoffman, USA, Elisabeth Würmli, Switzerland, Alcio Braz, Brazil and Sonam Dölma, Nepal) raise the question whether we should adopt a new Ars Moriendi in today’s time. A new art of dying – as it was the case in the Middle Ages – that would comprehend dying as a vital part of life and that could enrich our lives again by dealing with our death more consciously.



Direction   Thomas Lüchinger
Production   roses for you film (Thomas Lüchinger)
Protagonists   Alcio Braz, Sonam Dölma, Ron Hoffman, Elisabeth Würmli
Photography   Thomas Lüchinger
Editing   Rolf Lang, Samuel Kellenberger, Thomas Lüchinger
Sound   Werner Graf, Hemraj Dangal
Color Grading   REDSMOKE AG, Rolf Lang
Sound Mix   Ephrem Lüchinger, Manuel Rindlisbacher
Score and Sound Design   Ephrem Lüchinger, Manuel Rindlisbacher

Production & Release

Production   Switzerland, 2016
Original version   English/Swiss German/Nepalese/Portuguese, 16:9, color, stereo
Subtitles   German, English, French
Runtime   95 Min.
Genre   Documentary
SUISA-Number   1011.552
Cinematic premiere   2nd November 2016 (Switzerland)
Festivals   Solothurn, Jaipur International Film Festival 2017, Lakeside Doc Festival 2017


roses for you film
Lütiswiesstrasse 821
9062 Lüstmühle