The film SOUND AND SILENCE por­trays Toshio (72) and Shi­zu­ko Omi­ro (75), a cou­ple and impro­vi­sa­ti­on duo who has lived in Kawa­sa­ki, Japan, sin­ce 1981, which vehe­men­t­ly oppo­ses mate­ria­li­stic thin­king and any kind of com­mer­cia­liza­ti­on.​ The “poles” SOUND and SILENCE talk about their deve­lo­p­ment from punk musi­ci­ans to acti­vists in the peace and anti-nuclear move­ment, as well as their jour­ney as a cou­ple. Throug­hout their lives, they navi­ga­ted through Japa­ne­se socie­ty, which was cha­rac­te­ri­zed by pres­su­re to con­form, with their free-spi­ri­ted life­style, which also left its mark on the life of their son Sabu. Until the very end, they fol­lo­wed their visi­on of chan­ging the world to a more peaceful one in an uncon­ven­tio­nal way. ​In the playful deve­lo­p­ment of their indi­vi­du­al sel­ves as musi­ci­ans and as a cou­ple, they take the right to live the life that fills them with mea­ning. This also reflects the know­ledge of tran­si­ence – as the essence of life.


Script, direc­tion   Tho­mas Lue­chin­ger
Pho­to­gra­phy   Ryo­suke Sai­to, Tho­mas Lue­chin­ger, Roger Walch, David Woo
Editing   Fran­zis­ka Schli­en­ger
Sound   Roger Walch, Tho­mas Lue­chin­ger
Score   Ephrem Lue­chin­ger
Editing assis­tance   Samu­el Kel­len­ber­ger
Sound mix   EPHMA Pro­duc­tion, Manu­el Rind­lis­ba­cher
Color gra­ding   Eti­en­ne Ett­lin­ger

Shi­zu­ko Ori­mo, Toshio Ori­mo, Sabu Ori­mo

Production & Release

Pro­duc­tion   roses for you film, Switz­er­land, 2022
Copro­duc­tion   n.s.
Pro­duc­tion peri­od   n.s.
Ori­gi­nal ver­si­on   Japa­ne­se
For­mat   16:9, black & white and color, ste­reo
Run­time   64 Min.
Gen­re   Docu­men­ta­ry
SUI­SA-No.   n.s.
ISAN   0000–0006-3E1A-0000–7‑0000–0000‑G
Cine­ma­tic pre­mie­re   n.s.
Dis­tri­bu­ti­on   roses for you film



Ams­ter­dam Lift-Off Film Fes­ti­val, 2023
Offi­ci­al Sel­ec­tion

Glo­bal Non­vio­lent Film Fes­ti­val, 2023
Offi­ci­al Sel­ec­tion

Docs Wit­hout Bor­ders Film Fes­ti­val, Sum­mer 2023
Excep­tio­nal Merit Award

Can­nes Con­ti­nen­tal Film Fes­ti­val, 2023
Offi­ci­al Sel­ec­tion

Solo­thur­ner Film­ta­ge, 2023
World pre­mie­re

Visi­ons du Réel, 2022, Nyon
Film mar­ket